3D Scanner – 3D Printing

A 3D scanner is a device which allows the acquisition of a shape and the digitization of the data obtained. It analyses the objects in ordet to collect accurate information about their shape and possibly on their appearance (colour, texture, …). The collected data can then be used to construct synthetic images in three dimensions by using a proper software. The 3D scanner makes it easy to recreate complex shapes which would have been difficult to redesign so accurately.
The laboratory also offers a 3D printing service; technique which allow to print and realize three-dimensional objects. The material generally used looks like sandstone and gives the possibility to create colourful objects. It is proticable to “print” in plastic, metal, ceramic and syntetic material.

The best way to inventory works of art is their three-dimensional production, because it allows to create a virtual model identical to the original , metrically correct and realistic. A 3D model allows to “extract” the relief of a two dimensional image and to recreate the object physically using the innovative technology of the 3D printing. In addition, a 3D model lends itself to multiple uses: scientific research, virtual museum, collections, restoration.

Why should we use it?

    Because is useful:

  • to reproduce complex shapes with much details:
  • to create, on a digital device, a 3D catalogue of an art collection
  • To replicate and restre the missing parts of a domaged object
  • to manufacture packing boxes which fit the shapes of objects to protect
With the help of a portable scanner, the digital data are taken directly at the customer’s home; it is not necessary to bring the objects to the laboratory.
For who?
Private, collector and professionals (restorers, decorators, curators, artists).