Authentication methods and criteria of authenticity

Dating and authentication : the scientific methods and the authenticity criteria

In place to consider the works of art according to the usual vision of the art historian the aim of the course will be to approach them from the perspective of the materials used, the manufacturer techniques and the ageing of the materials. We will see that this method of approach has become essential in a world where fakes are more and more numerous and better and better made.

The program covers two days :

  • The first one aims to explain, in detail, the various scientific techniques at our disposal nowadays to date and authenticate the archaeological items. We will tackle the physical principles behind these techniques along with the various applications and their limits. We will also take into consideration, for the principal materials, the criteria the expert uses to authenticate the objects.
  • The second one is to document, on the archaeological items, the elements which allow to claim that these works are genuine or fake. This second part of the course, essentially practical, will take place partly at the Brussels Art Laboratory and partly at the Musées Royaux d’Art et d’Histoire.

PRICE : 250 € per person