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Expertise d'objets en bois: datation c14, authentification par méthode scientifique
  • The laboratory enjoys a perfect independence and a complete objectivity in its judgments
  • The only European laboratory to be managed by an expert agreed by a national Chamber of Art Experts and, particularly, by the Belgian Chamber of Experts in Charge of Legal Missions and Arbitration
  • The only Belgian thermoluminescence dating laboratory turned essentially towards private customers but disposing of a public status
  • The first laboratory having performed metallographic examinations with a view to authenticate bronze objects (since 1975)
The oldest European laboratory providing private customers with all kinds of scientific tests


  • The B.A.L. does not interfere in any commercial arrangement
  • The B.A.L. is putting forward the quality of the scientific work and not the quantity of tests carried out
  • All objects appraised by the Brussels Art Laboratory can be submitted to a patented marking
  • Radiocarbon dating (C-14)
    The laboratory is being distinguished by the rapidity of its services
  • The laboratory delivers a certificate whether the studied object is genuine or false thus allowing the buyer of a fake to round on his supplier
  • The sampling is always done by an art expert
  • 45 years of experience in the authentication of works of art from all origins and periods
  • Analysis of paintings through scientific methods
  • Expertise of all kinds of materials : ceramics, woods, paintings, bones, sandstones, stones, glasses, marbles, textiles…
  • The Brussels Art Laboratory proposes an alternative (surface examination with a binocular microscope) to the thermoluminescence test (based on the evaluation of the gamma ray’s dose received by the object) which reliability is not clear anymore. In a rather near future, the B.A.L. will be equipped with a brand new thermoluminescence system based not on the gamma radiation but on the alpha radiation. This equipment will provide us with results that are unforgeable by artificial irradiation.
  • Expertise certificates are unalterable and very well-produced